Rebecca Quinn

{February 2, 2011}   Halloween ideas already? BLEAHHH!

So it would seem that I’ve already started to think about Halloween. I always spend on my money on my costumes, and they’re never really that amazing. The year before the year before last, I was the Joker.
Last year I went as Batgirl.

And this halloween I went as an Arkham Asylum inmate.

That is probably the costume I’ll continue to wear and prefect. Considering the Straight Jacket itself cost me over 200 USD.

But my I started to think: Halloween at my house is always…. cute. There are cute little bat lights, cute spiders, cute ghosts. Halloween isn’t suppose to be cute. It’s scary! I want to make a haunted house. I wanna scare the pants off 10 year olds! That’ll take them down a notch! The biggest flaw in this plan is that scary things scare me too. xD So, my haunted house ideas probably won’t be fabricated until I have a big strong man to protect me from the animatronics  and sound effects.

So my plan was to start to collect for a haunted house. Theme? Circus. Yeah, nothing scares the crap out of you like a Clown. Admit it. You’re scared of them.

The only problem with my  Circus idea? I need this guy. I want him to follow me everywhere.


Michelle says:

Geeeez. I am more scared of clowns now.

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