Rebecca Quinn

{February 3, 2011}   The only Two Face I like, Is Harvey Dent

I suppose, really, the more I think about it, it’s just how the world runs. It’s the way everything goes, and it’s not fair, but it’s life. It just… it makes me so angry.

I work where I work not because I wanted to, but because I need a job. I need money. People need money to live, they have to buy food. Now, I could get buy without a job. The only thing I’d really lose is my phone and my dog, because I live with family.
But when I’m promised things… and when something is built up to seem great, it just pisses me off so much when it’s not. I got hired to work full time as a reservations agent. A few weeks after they hired us, they cut back our hours. Yes, to be full time, you’re guaranteed to get 34 hours a week, and that’s what we’re getting. But they just cut back hours. “Oh, by the way, you’re working less hours now.”  Okay. So we’ve been working less hours for a long time now. I’d say over 5 months. And suddenly “Oh. You’re working more hours now” Oh really? Well it’s a good thing I didn’t have any plans, because my life is ruled by work.  “Oh, And we’re not just going to give you more hours, we’re going to give them to you only on Mondays and Tuesdays. ….For now.”

That doesn’t bother me as much as the company itself. When we were hired, we were told the company was great to work for. The company loves their guests. The agents are the most important part of our company. From what I’ve heard and seen, the company doesn’t give a shit about anyone.

They give us a lot of junk with the logo on it. I think that’s the “Love” we get. Note pads and cups and junk. And from what I’ve heard from the guests. They don’t care.

We were told that the hotels workers go out of their way to help and make the guests feel at home. Well, one of my co-workers recently took a vacation to one of our hotels. It was his anniversary and he is an employee. So all these notes were added to his reservation. He got to the hotel, one in Chicago, BTW, and checked in. They didn’t know who he was. They didn’t read the notes on his reservation. When he asked about the system they were using at the reservations desk in the hotel, she was surprised he knew what it was called.  AS SHE WAS LOOKING UP HIS RESERVATION! That means, the notes were right in front of her that he worked there, and she didn’t even read them.

So he checked into the room. And I guess he paid extra to upgrade to a spa room, with a Jacuzzi tub. He told me, he go in, started the water and the jets, hopped into the tub, and sat there for a few minutes. “The water felt funny. gritty.” So he turned off the jets and guess what. The filter was broken. He was sitting in other people’s dirt. So of course he let the hotel know. And they moved him. Second room, Jets in the tub didn’t work. So they moved him again. He told me he was sitting in the room, and all of  a sudden the door bursts open. These kids who were playing in the hallway had run into the wrong room. Oops, mistake, right? No. Hotel doors lock when you close them. That’s why you need that swipey key. His door was broken.

So, bad trip, right? Well, it seems he got an apology, and a little plate of strawberries….. but where was the “We love our guests”? “We make them feel at home”? Yeah, he had a bad experience in the hotel, and it seems the people at the hotel did nothing to make it better. They didn’t do anything for his anniversary. They didn’t even acknowledge he was an employee.

When I get calls for guests, telling me that they’ve been transferred three… four… six times, and I find out they just needed a simple reservation made with a group rate, I think….. What the hell people at the hotel? You can’t do this?

I had a guy call me the other day, his son was getting married, and they had a group of rooms set aside. Now, he wanted to make a reservation for him and his wife, but the room they wanted was no longer available. In a case like this, there is nothing we at central reservations can do. They have to go to inhouse, to the sales manager to get them to put more rooms under the group rate. He told me “I was talking to Alice, and she said there would be rooms put in, so I’m calling to book.” The room wasn’t available, and I told him, and I said, “I can transfer you to the hotel, where Alice will be, and she will be able to check on that.” So I did. Now, they CAN make reservations at the hotel, and the mad was pleasant but he was irritated that he had to be transferred. So I transferred him, and a while later, I got him back. He said “I was talking to Allison, and she told me she put the room in, so I can book it now.” I was a bit confused, because she could have booked it for him, but I went ahead and looked up the rate for him. The room wasn’t there. Now, I don’t know if it takes time, maybe it takes 20 minutes to come into the system, maybe an hour. I don’t know. But she transferred him back, instead of telling him to wait, or doing it for him.

Why do I get the feeling that the hotel doesn’t give a SHIT about anyone? I bet at least 30% or more feel the same way. They system they use is so confusing. When we transfer a guest and there’s no one there to answer, they get put back to the automated system and end up pressing 1 for reservations and come right back to us. They think they’re going to get helped, but they’re just getting the run-around.

It cannot be so difficult to run a system and filter calls to central, then, if they can’t help, keep them in the inhouse line until someone there can help! OR give Central the power to force rates, so we can help the first time.

They tell us now that we’re not allowed to use “After Call”. That’s the button we use to press to fill out forms to Guest Relations or a third party authorization form for the guest. Now we have to do it on the call. So, not only are we keeping the guest on the call for an extra minute, but 50 seconds of that is silence. Dead air because we’re filling things out that could be done after the call.

Every day I work here, I hate it more and more.

There’s nothing wrong with my job, my job is fine. It’s the idiots I work for.


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