Rebecca Quinn

{May 1, 2011}   New computer, MSN Shitty Essentials.

So, yesterday I got a new computer. A Samsung laptop. I don’t even know what it’s called, if anything. I bought it to replace my old Toshiba satellite. I guess this is the first computer I actually bought for what I need it for. Photo editing, really. All other computers I had before, (All two of them) were bought by my parents. And of course they were bought because they were the cheapest one’s they could get. 

The one I had before the Toshiba was pretty good. It was a HP and worked pretty well, but with age it started to slow down. It would still work just fine if my mother hadn’t spilt wine all over the key board. It’s sort of sad, because I remember spilling spaghetti on it and it still worked. But she spills wine and the keyboard stops working.

I think they got me the Toshiba because I was going to school. And the story behind that one was that someone my dad knew at work ordered a computer, and it never came, so he contacted the company and they sent him another one, then the first one showed up. So he sold it to my dad really cheap.

So with the store bought computer, I’ve never really had before, I’m finding out some things that I don’t really like. Like, how freaking long it takes it to start up the first time. Everything needs to be installed and then all the JUNK on it needs to be deleted. And they don’t  give you anything but the computer. You know, I paid over $700 on this thing, you think the least they could do would be include a GOOD virus protection, or Microsoft Office. But no, they charge you extra. And yes, I am aware I can get both a virus protection and office for free, if I find the right torrents. Right now, I’m on a 30 day trial of AVG and Microsoft Essentials or whatever it’s called.

I think I’m going to wait until my visa recovers from this purchase and then go in and get them to clean up the crap. You know, it costs $100 just for them to take all the trial stuff off the computer. What the fuck!!? $100!?!! Really!? Talk about over charging. But alas, I’m not a computer geek in the right ways, so I need to depend on these guys to clean up my cruddy computer.

I wonder if I asked, if they’d find me a good verson of MSN? That would be wicked. Seeing as this computer only comes with Windows Live Essentials. If you use WLE, you know, it’s shit. They moved things around and now the main MSN screen is just a big fuckin ad screen with “News” on the left and a tiny little spot on the top right for your contacts. I seriously need a magnifying glass just to see who’s online.  If anyone knows how to change this, please let me know! I’ve tried to download an older version, and I can’t find one that works and doesn’t give me spywear.

On a lighter note, I’m looking for something, and any info would be great. So, Yes, I’m a frequent visitor of I love the site, and read the articles everyday at work. So yesterday was an article called 8 Creepy Video Game Urban Legends (That Happen To Be True)

The number one spot goes to a game called Polybius.

Now, according to… well… Whoever…. This game appeared in Portland around 1981. They say there were only a few of these arcade games, maybe two or three. Not many and they showed up and then disappeared. Why? Well, according to…again… whoever… the games had some pretty weird side effects, including selective amnesia,  nightmares, nausea, vertigo, suicidal tendencies, etc.

There are also claims from an unknown arcade owner that men in black coats came to collect data from the game. Now, believe what you will about THAT, I still want to know what the hell happened to the game. There are photos of the start screen, and an old black and white photo of the game itself. And the one seen above. There was a spoof of it on The Simpsons in one screen shot. And we know it was made by the company Sinneslöschen which translates to sensory-extinguishing or sense-deletion.

According to Wikipedia people found hidden messages in the game: :” No imagination”,”Obey”,”Stay asleep”,” Work 8 hours, Play 8 hours, Sleep 8 hours”, “Surrender”, “Be normal”, “Game corrupt”,”No thought”, “Conform”,”Do not question the authority”

And again, according to Wikipedia, a few people who worked on the game have come out to say that the new graphics of the game prone people to epileptic fits, and they had to disband it.

So, Why am I interested in this? Well, it isn’t like I want to crack the conspiracy or something. I just want to know what happened to it. It just seems odd to me, and I’m the kind of person who’s intrigued by odd things. Now sure, Video games come and go. I’m sure there are games that have come out in arcades and have lasted less time on the market then this one. But why is there so much hype around this game. And if the game only caused epileptic seizures, where did the stories of nightmares, amnesia and suicidal tendencies come from. Those things just seem to be a far cry from epilipicy.

I’ve done a google search, and there are videos and things out there of what the game “Might” have been like. I believe you can even go on the company’s website and download a *Verson* of the game, but it isn’t the original.

Now, for my own personal creepy video game story. When I lived out in Alberta, me and my friend use to go down to the Canex and play a racing game there. There were four of the arcade seats together, player one, two, three, and four. And sometimes the machines would go down. Now, they wouldn’t just go off, a company screen would come up and you just couldn’t play until someone came to fix them. So, the first player, or seat, was called “Master” and on the other seats, the screens would say “You are a slave to this machine”. Yeah, probably the creepiest shit thinking back on it. Or I guess, reading into it. But at the time, we were like wtf, and just ignored it. Now I’m sure it was something like, Player one was the “Master Machine” and the others were just hooked up to it or something, I really don’t know. But still… Creepy. Although, it didn’t stop us from playing. Maybe we really were slaves to the machine.

Well, yeah. That was my lighter note. Ha ha.


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