Rebecca Quinn

{March 2, 2011}   Dear Charlie Sheen….

What’s going on, Buddy? What’s happening up there? Let us know. How can we help you? You know, you’re a pretty funny guy. I enjoyed watching you on TV. I loved you when you did that little bit in Farris Bulers Day Off. And that one Mel Brooks movie you were in, when you were on the boat and you sailed past your father. That was funny. Good bit of comedy there.

You know, you remind me of Robert Downey Jr. I don’t know why. But I was watching your interview earlier and I thought, I have to see Due Date. But you’re not in Due Date. Which is a shame. Because I bet you would have been funny in it too.

You know why you probably weren’t in Due Date? Because you’re asking to be paid a ridiculous amount of money. I mean really. You want 3 million an episode for Two and A Half Men? Yeah, I like the show, but no way in hell! What kind of stupid request is that?!  Do you really not have enough money now? For someone who isn’t going to do drugs anymore, why do you need even more cash?

And what’s the deal with your brain functioning on another extraterrestrial plain, or whatever shit you said. Are you a Scientologist?  Really!? Are you waiting for the mother ship to come and bring you home? Is that what you need 3 million an episode for? A new space ship?

Look, Charlie. I really like you as an actor. I firmly believe that all you need is a good beating out back. I think that would knock some sense into you. But, then again, you’d probably try to fight back, and it would just be a mess.

I know it will happen soon, so I just want to say, R.I.P Charlie Sheen. (1965-2011)

[If not his life, most certainly his career…]

In any case, I’m sorry you lost your mind.


I’m uploading the pictures for Boston Part Two right now, but while we’re waiting, I”m going to do a little blog.

I’ve had a few ideas pop into my head that may get me back into writing fanfiction. I’m really not sure why I stopped. I mean, I know I’ve never finished a story, EVER, but it was still fun to do it. So I think I may start again.



So the idea that was floating around my head for the past day or so, and this morning is a Rebecca (My original character) and Diana (Wonder Woman) pairing. A little background on my own character:

Rebecca is the daughter of Harley Quinn and Joker. Harley would have gotten knocked up by Joker, of course, and hidden it from him for as long as she could. Once she began to show, she admitted herself to Arkham, where they told her she would have to be diagnosed clinically sane and if she leaves Joker. So she promises to do so, but of course, once she has the baby, she gets out and gose back to him.

But it turns out that Rebecca and her father are really close.

So, in my idea, Rebecca and Diana would have already been together. in a relationship of sorts, but not sexually. And Diana brings Rebecca to Themyscira to meet her mother. Her mother disapproves of Rebecca, because of her criminal background. Annnnd, that’s what I’ve got so far. Any ideas would be appreciated!

And then for my second idea, it is actually a dream I had a while ago.

Rebecca and Harvey are together. Like, just short of getting married, together, and Harvey has this huge house on the outskirts of Gotham. Now, Edward Nygma is a really good friend to both of them, but him and Rebecca are sleeping together behind Harvey’s back. In my dream, they were sitting out by the pool, and Rebecca was on Eddie’s lap, and they were talking. I’m not sure where Harvey was. But anyway, they were talking about Harvey and the whole cheating. Rebecca said something, I can’t remember what it was and Eddie answered “Well I was with him while you were with the pool boy.” Implying that he was sleeping with Harvey too.

DUN DUN DUN! What a twist!!

So those are my idea’s! Some opinions and ideas would be great! Let me know!! ❤

{February 25, 2011}   Silly Bandz Challenge!

Silly Bandz Challenge!

^Batman Villains. Riddler, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, Penguin and Joker.^

I need these. Now.

So, a while ago I read an article on Snopes about Silly Bandz, and how this kid wore them around his wrist for however long, and they cut into his skin and his father had to take him to the hospital to be removed.

Because I’m a strange duck, I want to find out just how long it would take the band to do this, if it will at all. Now, I believe the story. is pretty much a reliable site, but I want to see if it will happen again. I don’t plan on letting it go far enough to have to go to the hospital, but I am planning to not take off the band until I see blood.

I’ve had one on for a few hours now, and I just got a shower, so it’s pretty itchy. I think I may need to get some more, to keep this one from moving around. In the article it did say that the boy had a few of them on his arm, not just one. So next time I’m in Walmart I’ll have to pick up a pack. I know there are Batman ones online, maybe I’ll try to find those and get some.

I guess the reason why they cut into your skin is because they retain their shape so well. So, even while it’s wrapped around your wrist, it’s trying to get back to its moulded shape. The one I have on my wrist is a green trumpet.

And as for Boston Part Two. Those pictures will probably get up tomorrow when I get home from work. I need to go through them and upload the right ones to Flicker. Then I’ll post them here.

{February 25, 2011}   Boston Hotels, Part One.

So for work we took a trip to Boston, to see the hotels that we sell there. It was a really fun trip. We had to leave at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning. But it was fun. This blog is going to be mostly pictures. And some things about the pictures.







So we had to drive to meet the rest of the people going on the trip with us. Of course, we got lost. This is the boys trying to figure out which way to go.

This is the Limo we drove down in. It’s so funny watching people’s faces when we drive by them. Everyone would stare. Some kids would point. It was funny, we were going through an intersection and the window was down a bit, and one kid was like “Are you a star?!” He was adorable!







Mistah J inside our limo.







And Mistah J again on my bed. That was my hotel room. King sized bed. It was only me in the bed, so I slept on the very left side, and the pillows took up the rest of the space. I do NOT need a king bed EVER.

So these things are left on the bedside table for all the guests. They’re free. Now, behind the water, if you notice the Batman Comic Book? So if you join the Kimpton InTouch program at, you fill out a profile, and there is a spot to say what you like. I, of course, put Batman, and yes, I got a Batman comic book. Not, they don’t always do these things. It depends on how much notice they get. But yeah, like 85% of the time it’s done.







More of my room. It was a bit small, but nice.







Joker with a plate of wings. When we went to meet the Concierge, and some of the people who work at the front desk, they gave us a bunch of appetizers from the menu of their restaurant, The Ruby Room.

This is the Ruby Room.







The outside of the Onyx Hotel.







We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.







And we had Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese. It was SO good! I have to find a recipe to make it.







These are the Double Double rooms in the hotel. They’re pretty nice. I certainly could have done with a double bed!

TD gardens where everything sports happens is literally across the street from the hotel. You come out of the hotel, walk right for about 2 minutes, and cross the street. There it is!







And we had a little meeting at the hotel, getting to know some of the people who worked there and such. They set us up in the parlour room and fed us junk. lol


This is only part one. There are more pictures I took, but I need to go through them. There are two more hotels we haven’t seen yet. And the Cloud Nine Suite. I will be blogging them in a bit!

Well I’m heading over to BAWston tomorrow. We’re driving over on the bus. I’m not sure how I feel about that. I know it’s going to be boring. I think I’ll sleep a lot… But I’m not sure.

I’m pretty much packed. We’re only going for three days, so I don’t have to bring a lot. I know the most of my things will be my blanked and pillow. My blanket’s in the wash right now. I’m scared. I never washed it before. It’s a kind of fleece, I’m afraid that it’s going to get all matty. We’ll see I guess.

If it does get ruined, I always have my Batman snuggie to bring.

Ugh. I’m so…. bored/tired/lazy right now. I know there’s stuff I should be doing, but I just don’t want to get up and do them. I bought that movie/show Alice this weekend. It’s like a modern day ish take on Alice in Wonderland. I think it was a made for TV movie, and it’s like 3 hours long. It was in two parts. Anyway, I keep thinking I should put it on, but I’m just too blah to get up and go over there.

I think I’ve decided to go back to Ottawa and enrol in American Sign Language part time. It’s what I applied for first when I was applying for colleges, only it was in Nova Scotia, and they didn’t accept me. Bastards. I’m glad though, because then I wouldn’t have gone to Ottawa for Theatre.

But I think I’ll go back to Ottawa and try there. It’s only a part time course, so I could get a job as well.

A lot of things have been happening with friends lately. Some I can’t speak of, because I’ve been asked not to, and some I already have spoken of. I feel really bad, because I don’t always know what to say or do. And in both situations, I’ve never had the same or similar experiences. So it’s difficult to relate. Sometimes I feel myself getting a little….. Selfish, towards them. I donno.

I know I should be doing some research on the hotel… I was told I didn’t have to, but I feel like I should know something about it. Apparently the people at the hotel really love people who ask questions. They’re going to hate me then, because I hate talking to people. I think they only question I’m going to ask is “Where’s the nearest Comic Book store?” I could probably just Google Map it. I’m sure they wouldn’t know.

So I suppose that’s it for now. I’ll be bringing my Computer and Camera with me. So When we get a chance at night, I’ll be on, updating about my trip and putting up a few pictures. I plan on taking a lot.

{February 20, 2011}   My dearist Kimmie.

I love you.

I always think when people read things like this, they’ll get angry, sad, or even more depressed. Please know that I don’t mean to offend in any way, and that I really do love you.

And now you’re going to think something bad is coming.

But really I just wanted to tell you and everyone who reads this blog that I love you. You’re one of my best facebook friends. I know what you’re going through right now is very hard, but you need to know that we’re here for you, even if we’re miles away.

You’re such a strong person. I think if I were in your position I would just curl up in a corner and cry for days. But you still manage to get on and talk to us, even though you’re so busy.

JJ told me a few days ago that you’re like a mother to him. I don’t know if he wanted you to know that, but you need to. You have such a positive effect on all of us.

I’ve never been through what you’re going through right now. I know the day will come when it’s my turn, and I hope I can be as strong about it as you.

I’m not going to say we’re praying for you, as so many people do, because that would be a lie. I’m sure you know we’re not religious people. But we are thinking about you, Kimmie. And we do wish you the best. We love you.

And if you ever need someone to talk to, or snuggle, or hug. Or if you ever need to hear a corny joke, or get hit on a billion times, we’re almost always online! I may not always have the best advice, or the right words, but I will always be there to listen if you need to vent!

{February 18, 2011}   BOSTON! Run!!

So it turns out my stress over the past few days was completely unnecessary.

So the day before the big client came in, I was told that I was chosen to answer any questions they may want to ask the agents, and that they’d be listening to some of my calls. And then I got the always reliable “Act natural” comment, and a “Don’t let them know we told you, but don’t lie”

Those words shouldn’t occupy the same universe, let alone the same sentience. But it turns out the client didn’t even leave the back room except to piss and eat. So I came to work yesterday at the point of tears over the stress of thinking that /I/ was going to be the one representing a company I don’t even have faith in /and/ having my mother yell at me all that morning before I left for work.

Honest to god, on the way to work, I was thinking “I hope the bus to Boston crashes and I’m the only one who dies.” Yeah, that was my thought process.

Which really surprises me, now that I think back on it. You see, I’m not the type of person to get stressed. I’m a laid back, shrug it off kinda gal. All through my life, School, college and work, I’ve been the type of person to say “Eh. If it’s not done, then it’s not done.”  I’m not the type to let things bother me. So I don’t know what happened these past few days.

Maybe I’m just getting old. That’s possible.

So, I’m going to Boston to work on Tuesday with some other Agents. We’re going to have a look at the properties in Boston.  We’re staying at the Onyx Hotel in Boston, and viewing the Nine Zero and Marlowe. I’m really excited. I get to sleep in a King Size bed! But at the same time I know it’s going to be so boring. We’re only going for three days, instead of four. Which sucks, because that means we have to do everything in ONE day instead of Two. So We’ll be in Presentations all freakin’ Wednesday.

^My room!^

It will be really nice to be able to see what I’m selling. And to know the real information, because the shit in the system is pretty much 100% wrong 90% of the time.

I’m hoping to get a goldfish in my room too. Yeah, they do that. It’s called the Guppy Love Program, and it’s PETA approved! Yay!

So, I will be blogging all about my trip. I’m going to take my computer with me, and I’ll be posting pictures as well.

Between today and tomorrow I’d be rich.

So, there is a new client coming in to see if they want to work with Virtual Agent Services [VAS]. See, the company I work for, Kimpton, works with VAS. So I’m employed with VAS to work for Kimpton. It makes sense. Shut up, it does.

So now, VAS is trying to get American Express on board. And our “Pod” (That’s redneck for office) has been chosen to be the Showcase Pod. So that means we get awesome new upgrades and cool junk. And…. TWO-FACED LIES!

We are no longer allowed any paper on the desks. No coats at our stations, no personal items. now, I understand the logic behind these requests. I do! They don’t want employee’s stealing credit card numbers. HA! I bet some of you were thinking “Go green! Go green!” No.

So, what’s so two-faced about that? Well, If American Express wasn’t coming in, and after they leave, this rule will be fly out the window.

We got new security badges with our pictures and names on them. Well NEED to have them tomorrow. After that? Who cares?

They’ve had contractors and decorators in all frackin’ month, working on the place.

I thought about this when I was in the shower a while ago:

VAS is a stinky, smelly constipated guy. He’s sitting on the toilet, sweating, cursing, trying to squeeze a shit out. American Express is a laxative that works too slow. VAS takes it, jumps up, cleans itself up and goes to work. But… the problem isn’t taken care of. VAS just covered up the smell with Old Spice. And I have a feeling, when VAS is doing their presentations tomorrow, the American Express laxative is going to start to work, and we’re going to end up shitting ourselves.

God I love how my brain works.


{February 15, 2011}   Not My Wisconsin!

I don’t know what the title means, It’s just an add that keeps popping up on my facebook. And I’m too lazy to read it. And I’m not American so I don’t really care.

I have a cupcake. Yeah. A chocolate one.

And I’m watching Glee… I like Glee. I wish my school had a Glee club. I would have joined.

As you may have guessed by now, I have nothing to really blog about, but I thought I wanted to post something anyways.

I recently joined Tumblr. I’m not so sure about it. But I will give it a chance.

So… I think that’s all I have to say.

I think Glee is trying to make fun on Canadians with their red plaid and fuzzy winter hats and Fin’s toque. ….

I guess I never really had an issue with the government before, because until I turned 19, I never really needed anything. And Anything means, ID’s, Passports, Taxes. Etc.

My parents always did that stuff for me. I wasn’t old enough to drink, so I didn’t need an ID. My parents got my passport and my dad did any of my taxes.

I had to go into Passport Canada today, because I’m going on a trip for work. And I have to go to Boston. We’re going to look at Hotels and listen to presentations. So, My dad went in to bring in my passport. That was fine, except it wasn’t going to be ready in time. So he went back, and they said they can’t do express unless I am there.

I guess I kind of get that. But she had my id, my birth certificate and his. I think if there’s proof we’re related, or even if I wrote a note, she should have done it.

But whatever. I got up early today and went in.

First of all. It’s fuckin valentines day. Put up a god damn decoration. they have freakin robots working behind those desks, I swear it! Even we have a little heart on our door.

Second of all, while trying to be polite, the woman was very…. snippy. Not rude, just… annoyed. I work with people all day long, so I feel I have a right to say something about this. When someone is rude to you, you don’t take it out on the next customer. Now, I know people have bad days, and I don’t know who she was dealing with before, and I’m sure she gets a lot of stupid people. But even when I have someone on the phone, yelling at me about how I made the wrong reservation, and how I charged them twice, even though I don’t take the money, and I didn’t make that particular reservation, I don’t scream and shout at the next person.

And no, She didn’t scream or shout, but still.

So, enough about her, on the the more important matters….


So I wanted to get my passport done express. So my dad went in with it. Getting a passport costs about 87.00 Canadian. And I thought, if we pick it up, they won’t have to mail it, so I’ll get it faster. I don’t know if you know this, but, it costs money to mail something. But… Passport Canada won’t charge extra to mail it. But if you pick it up, which saves them the cost of mailing it, they charge you $10.00.

Makes sense.

So I went in today, and I told her that I needed my passport faster, because I was leaving. And she says “Proof of travel?”

Uh…. Proof? Why the hell do they need proof? All they need to know is that I need a passport! They do background checks on people before they give them a passport. At least, I hope the do. So if there was someone suspicious in my past, criminal activities or such, they would know, and wouldn’t give me a passport. I mean, that’s what they’re suppose to do.

Now that I sit back and think about it, I should have told her I was going across the border to sell cheap drugs to elderly Americans. Just to see the look on her face.

So I told her I didn’t have any proof of travel. Because I don’t. We’re going down either on a bus or in a limo. (I hope limo! but I hear it’s cramped with all of us in there.) I don’t have any plane tickets. So I had to write a statement. And when she found out I was going for work, I had to get work to fax over a letter saying that I worked for them and that I was going for work.


All you need to know, lady behind the counter is that I NEED MY PASSPORT NOW!!! They’re suppose to do a background check! If I were a criminal and i was going over to anywhere for bad reasons, you’d pick it up there! What if I was just going on vacation and I was driving in my can and I didn’t have any proof!?

“Uh… I’ll bring you back the hotel receipts.”

And you know how much it costs to do express? $20.00. And you  know that if I don’t have proof of travel by the end of the day, I have to pay another $20.00. Yeah, so if I went to work, and said I needed a letter to prove I worked there, and they said no way, forget it. I don’t get my money back for express. If I went in and said, I need my cash back, I don’t need it express anymore, they say “Blow it out your ass. We’re keeping your money”

Everything in the world is just one big money racket. You know what. If one day, all the world leaders just said “Hey. Everything is free. Everything is free.” That would kind of be the end of everything.

And yes, I under stand that, if everything were free, people wouldn’t need to work. And if people didn’t work, nothing would get made. And if nothing was made, there would be nothing to get for free. But just…. sit and think about it. Just… enjoy the fact that for at least two weeks…. everything would be peaceful. Because no one would be fighting.

And some people say, “Well, Chaos would break out. People would break windows and flip cars and there would be HAVOC!!!”

And I say, “No. Because people wouldn’t need to fight for things, or be violent” Someone would be like “Check me out! I’m looting this wicked awesome 3D TV that won’t be worth anything in a year” and someone else would say “No you’re not. Because it’s free. Therefore, you’ are not stealing it.”




et cetera