Rebecca Quinn

{January 16, 2012}   Money. *Sigh*

I wish I had more of it. Who doesn’t? Anyone who doesn’t want more money, is super lucky. Or super Rich. Or a Monk.

In any cause; In an attempt to make a bit of money, I’ve started to make these device sleeves for Tablets and cell phones. I made a batman one for myself and thought “Dude, this is pretty easy. And they’re cute, I can sell it.” So here we go:

That will bring you to my profile on eBay, where you can check out my store and see my One sleeve on there. Ha ha. Yes, only one right now, but I plan to have others once I start to sell.

Small sleeves, ones 0 – 8 inches high (or long) will be 15$

Medium sleeves, ones 8-13 inches high (or long) will be 20$

Large sleeves, 13-20 inches high (or long) will be 30$

Anything bigger then the above will be extra, depending on the size.

Other then a little extra cash, not much has been going on here. Work, home, work, home, work. It turns out I’m just too lazy to work on my New Years goals. Although once I’m living with my mom only, the healthy foods will come out faster then a stampede of fat kids to a chocolate shop. That, and once I get my work out clothes from Old Navy, I plan on setting up the elliptical machine set up in the Garage and start using it. I also plan on getting up earlier to use it, before work, and get the shower in the basement working. (Good luck to me!!) Possible even cutting back Facebook time for this.
As it turns out, And thank you Wii Fit, I’m 

(No, that’s not my video, I just grabbed it from Youtube. Mainly because Wii is so cheery when it says “Obese!!”)

According to some Google research, I need to lose 90 pounds to be in my healthy weight zone for my height. Isn’t that awful?? 90 pounds! The worst part is, I don’t /feel/ that fat! I mean, I know I have a gut, and the clothes I /like/ don’t fit me, but I don’t feel /that/ big. Don’t confuse feeling with confidence, I have none of that. But now I’m thinking I look bigger then I feel, and that makes me sad.

Oh well, I’ll just have to start working on that. There’s a guy at work who joined a gym and lost 60lb in 4 or 5 months. I can’t afford that, but I plan on doing the same once I get started. I just have to get started…. 90lbs isn’t that much. I’m going to invest in one of these as well

I was looking at the Up by Jawbone, but after like 3 reviews I found out that was a piece of crap. I’ve done a lot of research on this one, Called the Fitbit Ultra, and it hardly has any bad reviews. It’s kind of an all in one device, it counts steps taken, floors climbed, calories burned and your sleeping patterns. Everything syncs to their website, and you can share your results on Facebook and compete with friends. The only major downside is that it’s 99.95. (Free shipping though!) That’s a ton of dough, but I totally did just get a raise. So, next payday we’ll see how things go.

One thing I’ll be taking to heart in this little adventure is Marilyn Monroe. She’s my weight goal, even though no one really knows how much she weighed.
This is my inspirational Photo:


Sexy, but not a stick figure.

You know, it irks me so much how people say Marilyn was fat. LOOK AT HER! I’ve talked to a ton of people who were like “Marilyn wore a size 16” Yeah, maybe she did. But I wear a size 16 and I do NOT look that good. Clothes were sized differently back then, so a size 16 then, was like a size 8 now. But anyway, She’s my goal.



{December 18, 2011}   The iPad I never had.

I made a cover/sleeve for the iPad I don’t have yet! Ha ha! But I’m willing to teach you how to make one too. I probably spend about 20$ total on fabric, which isn’t bad, considering the cover they offer on the apple website is about 40 or 75 depending on the one you get. Plus, mine is themed, Batman of course. It’s nice to be able to personalize it.

So, first of all, you want to get your fabric and cut it a bit bigger then the device. I don’t have my iPad yet, but I do have a case bought for it, so I used that. (I know, I have a case, and I made a sleeve. I want extra protection.) So, I got the fabric I wanted. I used a fleece on the inside, and cotton on the out. So once you’ve got your fabric cut, you’ll need to sew.

Cutting the Fabric
Be sure you leave room around the device. I cut quiet a bit on each side, too much infact. You’re going to want about an inch for the seam. My sleeve came out just a bit too big, but better too big then too small. Right?

You’re going to want to place the “Right” sides together. So, the pattern is going to be on the inside.

Right sides together

See how the fabric isn’t so colourful? Because the wrong side it out, then right side is in. Because we have the fleece on the inside and the cotton on the outside, you have to make the sides first, before putting them together to make the sleeve. So, you’re going to sew one end only. The end you choose to sew will end up being the top of your sleeve.

Now, I decided to sew a pocket onto mine. If you want to, all you need to do is measure the size. I made my pocket just like the sleeve, with the fleece on the inside, cotton on the outside. Sew 3 sides, leaving one open to turn, then sew it to one of your sides. You’re going to need to fold the end that you left open under, so it seals up the pocket.

Put the outsides of the sleeve together, the end you sewed earlier will be the top. MAKE SURE YOUR POCKET IS THE RIGHT WAY AROUND if you’re going to put one on. My pattern ended up upside down, but the pocket itself was the right way. Ha ha. So, you have the outsides of each of your sides together. The fleece should be looking at you. Now you’re going to sew around 3 edges, leaving the top open.


Once you’ve got the sides sewn up, turn your sleeve right side out. You may need a stick or pen to poke out the corners, but once everything is right way around, it’ll look great. I took an Iron and smoothed out the little wrinkles and creases.



Finished. Looks good!

I’m thinking about making them to sell. We’ll see how this one holds out first. I might make one big enough for my computer too.

{August 22, 2011}   Justice League Movie……?


I’m sure if you know anything about what’s been going on in movies for the last while, you understand what I’m getting at by now. If not, let me continue….


Getting it yet? Well, here we go…. DC! WHERE THE HELL IS OUR JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!?!? This Avengers thing, is an amazing idea! I’m not a huge Marvel fan, I don’t read their comics, I don’t buy their stuff (Except the movies) and I have to say, I can’t wait to be able to watch all these movies in order then watch the Avengers.
So why isn’t DC jumping on this idea too. I know NOW it’ll be like “Oh, they’re just following Marvel” and yeah, at this point, they would be. But if we could get some decent directors, and actors that’ll stick for all the films, a Justice League Movie would BE THE SHIT! It would be awesome!!!


I neeeeeeeeed this to happen! Please!! PLEASE!!!!



{April 26, 2011}   Cartoons

So I’m still campaigning for Gotham High to get on the air. Specially after I learn that they’re coming out with a new Loony Tunes in May.

The thing looks like SHIT! They’re drawing the characters funny, they don’t sound right, Bugs and Daffy are roommates! It just doesn’t work. I use to say, the only wrong Warner Bros. ever did was Howard the Duck. But I think this will be added to the list.

But they think it’s going to be a great success. And if you say anything to the fans on their Facebook page, they flip out. I think, what they should really do it bring back new episodes of Animaniacs. Of course, with today’s shitty parents, they’ll probably have it banned in two seconds. I don’t know what’s wrong with people today. I don’t think they actually sit down and watch the shit their kids are watching. I turn on cartoons today and I just want to bash the TV in. They’re so stupid.

So, here’s the link to sign for Gotham High to be put on the air: Gotham High

Other then that. There really isn’t much else going on. Still expanding my Batman collection. I thought today, I should try and set a record! Most Batman stuff! But then I thought, where would I put it all? Maybe when I have more money.

Speaking of money, I’m well on my way to going to Toronto for Fan Expo! I have enough saved for a plane ticket! xD

I have no idea how much I’m going to need. I know it’s going to be a lot. I need a ticket, and a hotel room for 5 nights. Then food! And spending money. I wonder if I can scrape up 3,000 before I go. That would be wonderful. I don’t think I’d ever need that much, but it would be great!  And what’s left over would go towards an apartment! 

I’m also trying to get a computer next pay. I’ll have to put it on my visa, after I pay my visa off. Everything is such a money racket. I just bought a new video camera too, for Fan Expo. That’s what’s sitting on my visa right now. But next pay, that will be gone. I”m going to try to up my visa limit so I can get that computer.

It would be nice to be rich. I wish I could win the lottery or something. At least I don’t have any debt. I mean, besides what’s on my visa, and that’s only 200. Not that much. I’d have more money if I didn’t buy Quinn. She cost me 400 + dollars. She’s super cute though, so I guess that makes up for it.

When it gets closer to August, I’ll start putting my whole pay check into my savings. Besides my bills. And the vacation time I have is paid. So that’s good.

Oh! My birthday’s coming up! Not really looking forward to it. I know nothing special will happen. And I keep working myself up, thinking maybe my mom’ll surprise me. But I know she won’t. I told her the other day that I wanted a batman balloon for my birthday. She just kind of laughed. I know she won’t get it. It’s too childish. What a load of crap. Maybe if I nag at her, she might help me get the computer I want. MAYBE. Probably not. She wants me to get one, so she can have my old one. But she won’t help me pay for it at all. 

I don’t know if there’s much else to say. I have to work tomorrow and that sucks ass. But I guess you gotta work to get money. So the government can take it, then tell you, you owe them more. Bastards.

Click Here to Sign the Gotham High Petition

As I said in my last Blog. This Gotham High stuff needs to happen. And I mean it needs to happen by the end of next year. That is more then enough time to get a pilot episode out. If we could get some of the writers on board from the Batman: TAS series, This could be awesome!! I mean, really freakin’ awesome! And much better then the shit kids are forced to watch now-a-days. Honestly! I don’t even know what the shows are called, but when I turn on Tele-Toon and YTV during the day, I cringe. Visibly!! I blame Spongebob. He started all this shitty cartoon mess. Fucker.

On the lighter side, if you’re looking for something to read, and you’re a batman fan like me, I suggest “Batman No Mans Land” the Novel.

I got though all the comics, except the last one. Because… I’m lazy I guess. So I never finished the series, but it’s sitting right there on my shelf. So I can finish any times I want to! Annnnyways… The book is great. It sticks really well to the plot of the comics (What I’ve read of them) and I find it gets just that extra bit deeper where the comics can’t go.  I’m having a hard time putting this book down, and every freakin time someone calls at work and interrupts me, I curse them.

The only thing I hate about the book, (And comics), is the flipping attempt to make a Two-FacexRenee Montoya pairing. in the books and comics he’s got some kind of mad man crush on her, and it irks the hell out of me. Two-Face doesn’t have man crushes! He crushes men! With his guns! And his coin….

So, lame awkward pairing aside, the book is really good. Once I finish that, I have Batman Fear Itself coming.  I’m hoping that book will arrive before I finish this one, so I don’t have to wait inbetween.

I must say, I do adore Amazon.Com when they will send to Canada. I found a few novelizations of the 1989 Batman movie, and Batman Forever and Batman Returns. I’m hoping to get them too, but because they’re older books, they come from sellers, and not itself, so I’m a little  leery on that. Even on eBay I only buy from sellers with 100% Positive feedback. And no one on Amazon with those older books has higher then 98. Maybe that’s just me being paranoid.

Little piece of Incredibles Trivia before I go:

Syndrome’s island where is base thingy is, is called Nomanisan.

If you break it up, “No-Man-Is-An Island” Oooooh See that? Yeah. Freaky.


So. I stumbled over this picture like… forever ago. And I just thought it was fan art. But it turns out it was concept art. which means this stuff was actually in production for a bit.

Well, Today, I came across it again, and then again on Facebook when a friend uploaded a photo.

Cracked.Com Gotham High.

This needs to happen. If not as a TV show, then at least as a Comic. I would watch this. I would watch it every day, for hours. This would be amazing!!  There needs to be a petition up somewhere to put this on. We need DC fans, to sign it! We need to GET THIS DONE! NOW! I think this really would be awesome if the right writers were on it! It really could be so much fun!



{February 25, 2011}   Boston Hotels, Part One.

So for work we took a trip to Boston, to see the hotels that we sell there. It was a really fun trip. We had to leave at 6:30 in the freakin’ morning. But it was fun. This blog is going to be mostly pictures. And some things about the pictures.







So we had to drive to meet the rest of the people going on the trip with us. Of course, we got lost. This is the boys trying to figure out which way to go.

This is the Limo we drove down in. It’s so funny watching people’s faces when we drive by them. Everyone would stare. Some kids would point. It was funny, we were going through an intersection and the window was down a bit, and one kid was like “Are you a star?!” He was adorable!







Mistah J inside our limo.







And Mistah J again on my bed. That was my hotel room. King sized bed. It was only me in the bed, so I slept on the very left side, and the pillows took up the rest of the space. I do NOT need a king bed EVER.

So these things are left on the bedside table for all the guests. They’re free. Now, behind the water, if you notice the Batman Comic Book? So if you join the Kimpton InTouch program at, you fill out a profile, and there is a spot to say what you like. I, of course, put Batman, and yes, I got a Batman comic book. Not, they don’t always do these things. It depends on how much notice they get. But yeah, like 85% of the time it’s done.







More of my room. It was a bit small, but nice.







Joker with a plate of wings. When we went to meet the Concierge, and some of the people who work at the front desk, they gave us a bunch of appetizers from the menu of their restaurant, The Ruby Room.

This is the Ruby Room.







The outside of the Onyx Hotel.







We went to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.







And we had Deep Fried Macaroni and Cheese. It was SO good! I have to find a recipe to make it.







These are the Double Double rooms in the hotel. They’re pretty nice. I certainly could have done with a double bed!

TD gardens where everything sports happens is literally across the street from the hotel. You come out of the hotel, walk right for about 2 minutes, and cross the street. There it is!







And we had a little meeting at the hotel, getting to know some of the people who worked there and such. They set us up in the parlour room and fed us junk. lol


This is only part one. There are more pictures I took, but I need to go through them. There are two more hotels we haven’t seen yet. And the Cloud Nine Suite. I will be blogging them in a bit!

{February 2, 2011}   Halloween ideas already? BLEAHHH!

So it would seem that I’ve already started to think about Halloween. I always spend on my money on my costumes, and they’re never really that amazing. The year before the year before last, I was the Joker.
Last year I went as Batgirl.

And this halloween I went as an Arkham Asylum inmate.

That is probably the costume I’ll continue to wear and prefect. Considering the Straight Jacket itself cost me over 200 USD.

But my I started to think: Halloween at my house is always…. cute. There are cute little bat lights, cute spiders, cute ghosts. Halloween isn’t suppose to be cute. It’s scary! I want to make a haunted house. I wanna scare the pants off 10 year olds! That’ll take them down a notch! The biggest flaw in this plan is that scary things scare me too. xD So, my haunted house ideas probably won’t be fabricated until I have a big strong man to protect me from the animatronics  and sound effects.

So my plan was to start to collect for a haunted house. Theme? Circus. Yeah, nothing scares the crap out of you like a Clown. Admit it. You’re scared of them.

The only problem with my  Circus idea? I need this guy. I want him to follow me everywhere.

et cetera