Rebecca Quinn

{April 26, 2011}   Cartoons

So I’m still campaigning for Gotham High to get on the air. Specially after I learn that they’re coming out with a new Loony Tunes in May.

The thing looks like SHIT! They’re drawing the characters funny, they don’t sound right, Bugs and Daffy are roommates! It just doesn’t work. I use to say, the only wrong Warner Bros. ever did was Howard the Duck. But I think this will be added to the list.

But they think it’s going to be a great success. And if you say anything to the fans on their Facebook page, they flip out. I think, what they should really do it bring back new episodes of Animaniacs. Of course, with today’s shitty parents, they’ll probably have it banned in two seconds. I don’t know what’s wrong with people today. I don’t think they actually sit down and watch the shit their kids are watching. I turn on cartoons today and I just want to bash the TV in. They’re so stupid.

So, here’s the link to sign for Gotham High to be put on the air: Gotham High

Other then that. There really isn’t much else going on. Still expanding my Batman collection. I thought today, I should try and set a record! Most Batman stuff! But then I thought, where would I put it all? Maybe when I have more money.

Speaking of money, I’m well on my way to going to Toronto for Fan Expo! I have enough saved for a plane ticket! xD

I have no idea how much I’m going to need. I know it’s going to be a lot. I need a ticket, and a hotel room for 5 nights. Then food! And spending money. I wonder if I can scrape up 3,000 before I go. That would be wonderful. I don’t think I’d ever need that much, but it would be great!  And what’s left over would go towards an apartment! 

I’m also trying to get a computer next pay. I’ll have to put it on my visa, after I pay my visa off. Everything is such a money racket. I just bought a new video camera too, for Fan Expo. That’s what’s sitting on my visa right now. But next pay, that will be gone. I”m going to try to up my visa limit so I can get that computer.

It would be nice to be rich. I wish I could win the lottery or something. At least I don’t have any debt. I mean, besides what’s on my visa, and that’s only 200. Not that much. I’d have more money if I didn’t buy Quinn. She cost me 400 + dollars. She’s super cute though, so I guess that makes up for it.

When it gets closer to August, I’ll start putting my whole pay check into my savings. Besides my bills. And the vacation time I have is paid. So that’s good.

Oh! My birthday’s coming up! Not really looking forward to it. I know nothing special will happen. And I keep working myself up, thinking maybe my mom’ll surprise me. But I know she won’t. I told her the other day that I wanted a batman balloon for my birthday. She just kind of laughed. I know she won’t get it. It’s too childish. What a load of crap. Maybe if I nag at her, she might help me get the computer I want. MAYBE. Probably not. She wants me to get one, so she can have my old one. But she won’t help me pay for it at all. 

I don’t know if there’s much else to say. I have to work tomorrow and that sucks ass. But I guess you gotta work to get money. So the government can take it, then tell you, you owe them more. Bastards.


{February 15, 2011}   Not My Wisconsin!

I don’t know what the title means, It’s just an add that keeps popping up on my facebook. And I’m too lazy to read it. And I’m not American so I don’t really care.

I have a cupcake. Yeah. A chocolate one.

And I’m watching Glee… I like Glee. I wish my school had a Glee club. I would have joined.

As you may have guessed by now, I have nothing to really blog about, but I thought I wanted to post something anyways.

I recently joined Tumblr. I’m not so sure about it. But I will give it a chance.

So… I think that’s all I have to say.

I think Glee is trying to make fun on Canadians with their red plaid and fuzzy winter hats and Fin’s toque. ….

{February 1, 2011}   Mutliplying Bunnies.

So last night I made two more bunnies. And now I have to make one more for Cindy, then I will be done with them. Actually, I may make one for the baby for next christmas. We’ll see.

That’s the second bunny I made, and I did a third as well.

So other then bunnies right now, nothing is really going on in my life.

{January 31, 2011}   My very first blog

I don’t know what I’m doing. Or why. I just started this because it was 9 AM and it popped up on my screen. And I though, heck! Why not? So now I’m going to try this blogging thing. I really don’t have too much to blog about. I recently started sewing, so maybe I’ll blog about that. Last night, I made a bunny. And now I need to make two more.

My bunny

Isn’t he/she beautiful? So that’s what I did last night. And I’m going to make some more.

et cetera