Rebecca Quinn

{March 7, 2011}   Dear Glee….


As an amazing TV show that just made everything… Were great, why is it that you insist on making the outcasts feel more like outcasts? Your show is about a load of misfits, trying to find something they could all be a part of. Somewhere they can all fit in. I would think, as a show with two overweight Actresses in your cast, you would make merchandise for your overweight fans. It irks the HELL out of me when I see something I like, and the XL size, fits a 9 year old. What the fuck?! First of all, have you seen the size of the average American? Has no one else but me watched “Supersize Me?”

I do want to say that the Beautiful women,

Amber Riley

And Ashley Fink


Are both wonderful actresses.  However, if I were either one of them, I’d be demanding better merchandise.


et cetera