Rebecca Quinn

{January 16, 2012}   Money. *Sigh*

I wish I had more of it. Who doesn’t? Anyone who doesn’t want more money, is super lucky. Or super Rich. Or a Monk.

In any cause; In an attempt to make a bit of money, I’ve started to make these device sleeves for Tablets and cell phones. I made a batman one for myself and thought “Dude, this is pretty easy. And they’re cute, I can sell it.” So here we go:

That will bring you to my profile on eBay, where you can check out my store and see my One sleeve on there. Ha ha. Yes, only one right now, but I plan to have others once I start to sell.

Small sleeves, ones 0 – 8 inches high (or long) will be 15$

Medium sleeves, ones 8-13 inches high (or long) will be 20$

Large sleeves, 13-20 inches high (or long) will be 30$

Anything bigger then the above will be extra, depending on the size.

Other then a little extra cash, not much has been going on here. Work, home, work, home, work. It turns out I’m just too lazy to work on my New Years goals. Although once I’m living with my mom only, the healthy foods will come out faster then a stampede of fat kids to a chocolate shop. That, and once I get my work out clothes from Old Navy, I plan on setting up the elliptical machine set up in the Garage and start using it. I also plan on getting up earlier to use it, before work, and get the shower in the basement working. (Good luck to me!!) Possible even cutting back Facebook time for this.
As it turns out, And thank you Wii Fit, I’m 

(No, that’s not my video, I just grabbed it from Youtube. Mainly because Wii is so cheery when it says “Obese!!”)

According to some Google research, I need to lose 90 pounds to be in my healthy weight zone for my height. Isn’t that awful?? 90 pounds! The worst part is, I don’t /feel/ that fat! I mean, I know I have a gut, and the clothes I /like/ don’t fit me, but I don’t feel /that/ big. Don’t confuse feeling with confidence, I have none of that. But now I’m thinking I look bigger then I feel, and that makes me sad.

Oh well, I’ll just have to start working on that. There’s a guy at work who joined a gym and lost 60lb in 4 or 5 months. I can’t afford that, but I plan on doing the same once I get started. I just have to get started…. 90lbs isn’t that much. I’m going to invest in one of these as well

I was looking at the Up by Jawbone, but after like 3 reviews I found out that was a piece of crap. I’ve done a lot of research on this one, Called the Fitbit Ultra, and it hardly has any bad reviews. It’s kind of an all in one device, it counts steps taken, floors climbed, calories burned and your sleeping patterns. Everything syncs to their website, and you can share your results on Facebook and compete with friends. The only major downside is that it’s 99.95. (Free shipping though!) That’s a ton of dough, but I totally did just get a raise. So, next payday we’ll see how things go.

One thing I’ll be taking to heart in this little adventure is Marilyn Monroe. She’s my weight goal, even though no one really knows how much she weighed.
This is my inspirational Photo:


Sexy, but not a stick figure.

You know, it irks me so much how people say Marilyn was fat. LOOK AT HER! I’ve talked to a ton of people who were like “Marilyn wore a size 16” Yeah, maybe she did. But I wear a size 16 and I do NOT look that good. Clothes were sized differently back then, so a size 16 then, was like a size 8 now. But anyway, She’s my goal.



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