Rebecca Quinn

{December 18, 2011}   The iPad I never had.

I made a cover/sleeve for the iPad I don’t have yet! Ha ha! But I’m willing to teach you how to make one too. I probably spend about 20$ total on fabric, which isn’t bad, considering the cover they offer on the apple website is about 40 or 75 depending on the one you get. Plus, mine is themed, Batman of course. It’s nice to be able to personalize it.

So, first of all, you want to get your fabric and cut it a bit bigger then the device. I don’t have my iPad yet, but I do have a case bought for it, so I used that. (I know, I have a case, and I made a sleeve. I want extra protection.) So, I got the fabric I wanted. I used a fleece on the inside, and cotton on the out. So once you’ve got your fabric cut, you’ll need to sew.

Cutting the Fabric
Be sure you leave room around the device. I cut quiet a bit on each side, too much infact. You’re going to want about an inch for the seam. My sleeve came out just a bit too big, but better too big then too small. Right?

You’re going to want to place the “Right” sides together. So, the pattern is going to be on the inside.

Right sides together

See how the fabric isn’t so colourful? Because the wrong side it out, then right side is in. Because we have the fleece on the inside and the cotton on the outside, you have to make the sides first, before putting them together to make the sleeve. So, you’re going to sew one end only. The end you choose to sew will end up being the top of your sleeve.

Now, I decided to sew a pocket onto mine. If you want to, all you need to do is measure the size. I made my pocket just like the sleeve, with the fleece on the inside, cotton on the outside. Sew 3 sides, leaving one open to turn, then sew it to one of your sides. You’re going to need to fold the end that you left open under, so it seals up the pocket.

Put the outsides of the sleeve together, the end you sewed earlier will be the top. MAKE SURE YOUR POCKET IS THE RIGHT WAY AROUND if you’re going to put one on. My pattern ended up upside down, but the pocket itself was the right way. Ha ha. So, you have the outsides of each of your sides together. The fleece should be looking at you. Now you’re going to sew around 3 edges, leaving the top open.


Once you’ve got the sides sewn up, turn your sleeve right side out. You may need a stick or pen to poke out the corners, but once everything is right way around, it’ll look great. I took an Iron and smoothed out the little wrinkles and creases.



Finished. Looks good!

I’m thinking about making them to sell. We’ll see how this one holds out first. I might make one big enough for my computer too.


{February 2, 2011}   Halloween ideas already? BLEAHHH!

So it would seem that I’ve already started to think about Halloween. I always spend on my money on my costumes, and they’re never really that amazing. The year before the year before last, I was the Joker.
Last year I went as Batgirl.

And this halloween I went as an Arkham Asylum inmate.

That is probably the costume I’ll continue to wear and prefect. Considering the Straight Jacket itself cost me over 200 USD.

But my I started to think: Halloween at my house is always…. cute. There are cute little bat lights, cute spiders, cute ghosts. Halloween isn’t suppose to be cute. It’s scary! I want to make a haunted house. I wanna scare the pants off 10 year olds! That’ll take them down a notch! The biggest flaw in this plan is that scary things scare me too. xD So, my haunted house ideas probably won’t be fabricated until I have a big strong man to protect me from the animatronics  and sound effects.

So my plan was to start to collect for a haunted house. Theme? Circus. Yeah, nothing scares the crap out of you like a Clown. Admit it. You’re scared of them.

The only problem with my  Circus idea? I need this guy. I want him to follow me everywhere.

et cetera