Rebecca Quinn

{August 22, 2011}   Justice League Movie……?


I’m sure if you know anything about what’s been going on in movies for the last while, you understand what I’m getting at by now. If not, let me continue….


Getting it yet? Well, here we go…. DC! WHERE THE HELL IS OUR JUSTICE LEAGUE MOVIE!?!? This Avengers thing, is an amazing idea! I’m not a huge Marvel fan, I don’t read their comics, I don’t buy their stuff (Except the movies) and I have to say, I can’t wait to be able to watch all these movies in order then watch the Avengers.
So why isn’t DC jumping on this idea too. I know NOW it’ll be like “Oh, they’re just following Marvel” and yeah, at this point, they would be. But if we could get some decent directors, and actors that’ll stick for all the films, a Justice League Movie would BE THE SHIT! It would be awesome!!!


I neeeeeeeeed this to happen! Please!! PLEASE!!!!






Flash: Why does your poster keep sliding down my closet door? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slowly….




Superman: Why are you such a complete and utter douchebag? Also, did you know you were invented by a Canadian? Yeah, stick that up your American Flag Background!




I know those are only two questions, but that’s really all I can think of right now. I’m sure I have more. And when I think of them, I will write them down.

Also, I don’t think Boston Part 2 will be up, because I’m just too goddamn lazy. And the Silly bandz thing stopped because I only had one and it was rolling around on my wrist and wouldn’t stay in place. I need more then one. So that will be continued later on.

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